Lonely Eater No More Heres a Ramen Bowl with iPhone Dock

Eating out on your own is a torture, especially if you view eating as a social activity. And if you live on your own, chances are you spend your dinner while watching television or looking at your smartphone because you want that “sense” of interaction.

But those lonely dinners may just become more comforting. Japan-based company Miso Soup Design is set to launch an ingenious new product called “Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl” (I didn’t make that name up). Unlike ordinary noodle bowls, this one comes with a built-in iPhone dock so you can Skype your friend, or your mom, while slurping that semi-salty broth. You can also munch your pasta while browsing through your social networks, watch videos, and enjoy music.

Minnie Jan, one of the bowl’s designers, told New York Daily News that the idea came after spotting a Taiwanese man enjoying his ramen noodles on one hand while holding his phone with the other.

“We thought it would be a god idea to help him restore his manners,” Jan said.

The company announced on its Facebook page that they are now accepting a “limited number” of pre-orders through their Facebook page. The bowls–which will come in white, black and red–should be available around April and May. They did not reveal how much the Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl would cost.

The iPhone-compliant ramen bowl reminds us of the Hapifork, which was introduced at CES earlier this month. The electronic fork, created by a Hong Kong-based company called Hapilads, monitors your eating habits and tells you when to stop gobbling on that pasta.

Source: New York Daily News, via PC Magazine

Photo credit: Miso Soup Design
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