HD You Vision Video Glasses

People certainly would like having a mini video camera to record just about anything concerning everyday life. But some would want to record it from a first-person view just to see life from their own perspective. After all, it can create such an interesting video to look at. And for those who want to do so the most convenient means possible, having this HD You Vision Video Glasses will do the trick.

The HD You Vision Video Glasses offers people the means to capture video from a first-person view. What makes it even convenient is that it is built into the bridge of the eyeglasses of the device. This means that users only need to wear the device, click on the button and the HD You Vision Video Glasses can start recording video from what you see directly.

The HD You Vision Video Glasses records video at 1280 x 720 HD resolution and comes with a 5MP sensor. Its built-in lithium battery can record from two to four hours at each charge. Videos are recorded in AVI format and stored in MicroSD cards of up to 16GB. The HD You Vision Video Glasses is available at Photojojo for US$ 149.

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